Why Use Video Marketing?

Why YouTube Video Advertising?

What's Your Online Marketing StrategyYouTube is the second largest search engine just behind Google who is number one and owns YouTube. YouTube videos shows up in the Google search results so it just makes a lot of sense to advertise on YouTube if getting exposure and traffic to your business is important to you. Plus, YouTube is the number one video platform on the planet!

2/3 of the population watches at lease one video per week on youTube and more than 1/2 of people who watch a video commercial actually take an action and respond to your offer. YouTube ads are very affordable and a great branding strategy to get your name out there in your local community.

The cost per click is only pennies per click and the business is only charged when the video ad is clicked and watched for 30 seconds or the length of the video, if it is less than 30 seconds. The ad is linked to a youTube video and targets specific demographics and markets and the ad can be displayed across YouTube and the Google display network. YouTube is the third most viewed website in the World, reaching a huge percentage of any businesses potential clients in any U.S. location.

Why Use Our Video Ad Service?

Our video ad service involves that little extra effort with a higher level of targeting focusing on psychographics which means the focus of attitudes, opinions and interest of that viewer on YouTube. We provide an exclusive advanced strategy by making sure our ad campaigns are found based on peoples interest and the relevant topic video they are watching.

Topics and interests are categories created by Google & YouTube to help advanced video campaigns narrow down their market audience. We can target potential clients and customers:

-Parents, Marital Status…
-People that are About to Buy a Specific Product or Service…
-And Much, More…

For example, If someone is looking at a video about Ford cars we can show them a Ford video car commercial before the video they selected begins.

There are targeting options provided by Google and YouTube that we take advantage of for our clients. We can also laser target your businesses service area such as a specific neighborhood, zip code, city, state or wherever their clientele is located, anywhere in the World. There is even an option to advertise on a specific website including your competitors videos.

We are constantly testing to see which targeting strategy works and resonates the best based on the data and metrics.

For example, YouTube is notorious¬†for the “how to videos” so lets say someone looks up how to repair my dishwasher! We could target that video with your commercial so the viewer has the option to take a week to learn how to fix their broken dishwasher or call us and have it repaired tomorrow while they watch the football game.

The type of campaign we find most effective is known as Instream! The commercial is shown first before the video which the user wants to see has started. The viewer can skip the video after five seconds and as an advertiser we are only charged when the viewer has watched at least 30 seconds or less of our video commercial based on our ads length.

YouTube video advertising, when done the right way is the most cost effective marketing technique available today for building brand awareness and getting traffic to your website. Nothing else compares.