Why Google AdWords?

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When it comes to driving new traffic to your website, nothing can reach the local community better than having an advertisement on Google AdWords. AdWords can give you an affordable pay per click marketing campaign that can drive real targeted visitors to your site instead of traffic that is just there to boost your overall numbers.

The next time you need an advertising campaign, avoid the newspaper, the phone book, and the television – save time and money by going online with Google Adwords and get your ad seen by millions that are interested in what you offer!

How Does Google AdWords Work?

Google AdWords doesn’t base their advertising off of who pays the most for their marketing, so you do not have to spend a fortune on your marketing campaign. What you will need to do, however, is create a quality advertisement for the AdWords mechanism. AdWords is based on effective advertising, so if your ad doesn’t rank well, then you won’t get any impressions from your advertisement package.

Now you can always boost your rank on any advertisement by bidding more money to get it shown, but why do that when you can have an effective AdWords campaign through a well designed ad? A great ad will lower your advertising costs and when you consider that the average conversion rate is about 5%, it could cost you less than to generate a brand new customer than any other advertising platform.

When you advertise in the phone book, it takes a yearly advertisement of several thousand dollars to generate any revenues at all. In new studies, only 3% of people utilize the phone book now to find information about a business, meaning that your ad that let’s say you paid $5,000 for will only reach 3 out of every 100 people. At a 10% average conversion rate, you’ll get 1 customer for every 400 people that look at your advertisement. In a community of 40,000 people, that might equate to a customer base, at maximum, of 100 customers that you get throughout the year thanks to that phone book at. At $5,000, you’ve just spent $50 per customer.

Most newspapers charge about $1,000 per week for display advertising, so if you ran a daily advertisement in your local newspaper, it would cost you $52,000 to maintain it. Now more people read the newspaper, yes, but fewer people actually check the newspaper for ads, which means you’ll actually only reach 2 out of every 100 people, or 1 customer for every 500. You can do your own math here – it’s simply ineffective.

Television has a much higher viewership rate. In fact, 95 out of every 100 people will watch the television, which means you’ll get about 9 customers per every 100 people interested in your services. Using the community of 40,000 and a standard advertising campaign of $1,000 per week, you could potentially get 3600 customers… but you’d still be paying an effective rate of over $14 per customer.

How Do You Build An Effective Ad?

When it comes to marketing your small business services, nothing saves you more money than an effective ad. The most effective ads have bright colors, have a simple message such as “red pants for sale today,” and link to a corresponding site for the product or service being advertised. It doesn’t take a lot to get a lot out of an AdWords campaign and lower your AdWords price per click, so be sure to simplify, simplify, simplify when it comes to your advertising creation. You’ll find that your marketing campaign will greatly benefit from it!

If you are looking for a new customer base and you just aren’t seeing it from your local advertising, then it is time to see what a Google AdWords campaign can do for you. With affordable AdWords rates, you can get new customers quickly, cheaply, and effectively to help with your revenue flow as soon as today.