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Where you send people who click on your AdWords ad is the single most important factor for s successful ad campaign and a positive return on investment (ROI).

The landing page along with the rest of the website is the virtual doorway into your business. What ever you said in your ad better be the first piece of information they see when your ad is clicked. They won’t look for the information so make sure its the first thing they see when they click on your ad or they will leave immediately. When someone clicks on your ad and clicks back to the Google search page it will have a negative impact on your Quality Score which results in higher costs per click and less favorable ad placement,

So, where you send potential clients who click on your ad is crucial but there are a few other important factors such as the rest of the website! Your website is their first introduction to your business and the basis for their first impression of your business.

If you want the best possible pay per click results it’s vitally important to offer easy navigation to pages, that your website or landing page be designed and optimized correctly making it easy to find the exact product or service that’s stated in your Ad.

We design websites and landing pages that are proven to work for any type of business owner to bring a larger number of leads and convert those leads into paying clients..

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