Mobile Marketing

mobile optimizationIf your website isn’t easy to read and navigate from a small cell phone screen or if its turning off customers because they can’t read your website from their smart phones you are losing new customers and clients.

People today are always on the go and they keep their mobile phones at their fingertips.  When they want to find a local business, product, service or restaurant, they pull out their phones and Google it.

If your website doesn’t show up in a mobile search result on Google, and if it’s difficult to read from a mobile phone you are most definitely losing business and its time you know it.

About half of your customers are mobile! Chances are, other local companies who sell the same services that you sell are already mobile friendly and offer their customers direct updates via text messages and custom mobile apps.

You can check to see if your website is mobile friendly by entering your website address into your phone’s internet browser, then use the following checklist to evaluate it:

  1. Can you read the text on screen, without scrolling left or right or zooming in or out?
  2. Does your website load quickly? (Turn off your Wireless WiFi and switch to the 3G or 4G Data Plan on your phone, to simulate the lower transfer speeds of most mobile networks.)
  3. Can you see the important sales content of your site in one or two screen views?
  4. Can you navigate to different pages quickly, and find what you’re looking for in less than one minute?

If you have answered “no” to any of the above questions, your website is not mobile friendly and is outdated..

But not to worry, We can give your AdWords landing page or website a high quality new look and improved functionality with:

  • Scaled Down, Easy-To-Read Content…
  • Simplified Mobile-Friendly Navigation…
  • Quick Loading Web Pages…
  • Ability to Convert Visitors Into Buyers Clear Calls-to-Action…

The most important and number one reason to update your website is to meet the needs of your online clients. The consumers want to access information fast, they’re on the move, and they’re ready to buy. Right Now!

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