Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Have you been tracking your advertising campaigns to know the ones which are generating profitable calls and the ones wasting money? If not, you should know that Call Tracking can help you to identify exactly how customers find you and which campaigns generate phone calls.

We offer a Call Tracking service that can record every single call for you to hear whether or not your personnel are answering the calls properly and are following the procedures for converting those callers to quality leads and spending customers.

Call Tracking can also help you to identify which marketing channels are making your phones ring quickly and easily by measuring the number of calls received from your website, radio, direct mail, television, newspaper, printed brochures, email, direct mail, billboards, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Places.

In addition, Call Tracking and Analytics can help to prove and increase your marketing ROI. Many local businesses are now getting billions of calls from consumers monthly because they are increasingly using smartphones and doing mobile searches. If these calls are handled properly, they can be converted easily to revenue that is worth ten times more than your cost per lead. However, you have to know how to track the leads from those phone calls back to their sources to see what is and is not working. This way you will able to decide on which area to focus the advertising campaigns and get the highest possible returns.

Call us today if you want to know the exact source of your phone leads and how well you are benefiting from your marketing and advertising efforts. Our team will set-up different tracking phone numbers for every offline and online marketing campaigns.