AdWords Success

Writing down new plansGoogle AdWords can be confusing, complicated and costly if you don’t know what you are doing. But once the campaign is set up correctly by LEADZmachine our goal will be to tweak the data until we can turn every dollar of ad spend into 5 dollars of revenue for our clients.

Google AdWords is simply the most effective way for any type of local business to generate quality leads from buying customers. Business owners who are running profitable pay per click campaigns love Google AdWords because they are seeing results. And, when its done right, the more you spend on Google AdWords, the more you make.

I have found that most Google AdWords campaigns fail because they are linked to poorly designed landing pages and use poorly written ads resulting in low click-through rates! It is crucial to grab the users attention within the Ad text by telling your customer to choose your Ad over that of your competitors. One of the most important things you can include in your AdWords campaign is the use of negative keywords. Without negative keywords you are attracting irrelevant searchers who may view your ads and waste your money. AdWords permits you to take advantage of negative keywords to eliminate the not matched keywords with your product. Negative keywords influence Quality Score in a positive way.

Keywords are the search terms that trigger your Ads to customers when they are looking for your exact products or services during a Google Search. If your keywords have not been properly researched they are most likely NOT relevant to the Ad. A relevant and well written ad will result in more clicks and more sales and a better ROI. Ensure that every keyword and phrase is relevant to the Ad you have written.

Without effective conversion tracking¬† you can’t monitor how much a sale is costing your business, how much you are paying for every click, etc. Using conversion tracking within the AdWords format you can plan your expenses and move ahead in a focused manner, meaning that your business will be able to see what the return on investment is.

So to summarize, pay-per-click with Google Adwords is probably the most cost-effective marketing platform for attracting more visitors to your site!  It is a system that targets the local internet users who are searching for your products or services. Professionally managed pay-per-click internet advertising campaigns with Google AdWords will get results. We will invest your money with the goal to maximize the return on your Google ad spend.

To get the best results with Google AdWords there are a number of important steps to implement and AdWords tools to utilize such as:

-Make use of the Keyword Planner
-Create an attractive and reponsive website
-Undertand how the ads are displayed
-Work on a suitable plan of action
-Create attractive advertisements
-Proper re-targeting campaigns
-Adequate adjustments to your ads
-Effective conversion tracking
-Test various versions for your ads
-Best use of negative keywords

You are the expert in your industry and LEADZmachine is the certified experts for Google AdWords. My service is proven to cost much less than what most businesses are already spending and wasting on their existing Google AdWords campaign.